About Me

I am Paul Li, a second year computer science student at the University of Western Ontario.
Born and raised in Mississauga Ontario with a passion in technology. Always opened to learning
new things and in the look for a new challenge.

What Do I Do?

Hobbies and favorite pass times.


Simply majoring in something I loved to do. Being able to simply pick up and learn something new, with quick and apparent results has always been captivating. I have built up a vast knowledge in C++, Java, Python, HTML/CSS, Javascript and more.

Rock Climbing

I got into bouldering through my brothers. A simple short task that requires a vast amount of skill, understanding, strength and an unique approach to a task. I am always opened to new challenges and this sport seems perfect for me.

Board Games

Catan, Avalon, Pandemic and many other games I love to play with friends and family. The strategy and in-depth thought with a bit of randomness has always been compelling to me.

My Recent Side Projects

Here are my diverse side projects I have done during my first two years in university.


Keep in touch with me!

Feel free to contact me! I would love to talk.

1484 Sherwood Mills Blvd
Mississauga, ON


647 - 969 - 0232